About us


ITSSIE Ltd is a company based in Harlow, specializing in customised IT for both schools and small to medium businesses.

ITSSIE Ltd was established by two network managers, both passionate about IT, having experience in supporting schools technological needs both internally and externally. With over 20 years of experience, ITSSIE Ltd is able to provide tailored solutions for all aspects of IT, taking pride in a personalised solution to fit the customer’s needs, and using their knowledge and experience to give advice on what is required and ensuring projects are completed to a high standard.

Knowing that technology is ever-changing, and that mobile technology is a big part of life today, ITSSIE Ltd are able to provide advice on what best suits your needs be for in a classroom, or when you’re out and about meeting clients.

Getting your message to your audience and being well received is a very important part of business. ITTSIE Ltd can supply and install your projectors and interactive whiteboards and televisions, enabling you to interact with your audience using the latest technologies.

With the increase in staff working from home, or allowing students access to school work in the evenings and at weekends, remote access is a necessity in most businesses and schools. With ITSSIE Ltd’s tailored remote access set up, everyone is able to safely log on to onsite programs from home, or at other sites, reliable and quickly.